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His Grace is Sufficient Ministries, Inc.


Founded: 2008

 HGISM is managed by the volunteer efforts of two (2) boards of directors: a board of eleven (11) members in the United States and one of nine (9) members in Uganda.


Areas of expertise: 
Elderly and orphan Care - Providing basic needs to the elderly and orphans of Mbale, Uganda.

We provide services to people of all ages and backgrounds, but with time, we found that most of our services end up going to the elderly. This is because many organizations provide assistance to orphans, women, HIV patients, etc., but very few, if any, support the elderly, who in most cases are the primary caregivers of the orphans..


We have a simple mission: to spread the love of Jesus Christ by providing basic needs (food, shelter, clothing, medical care, education & Christian training) to the poor and disadvantaged people 
of Uganda. While these are trivial quests in developed countries, for those in the developing world without governmental support or social infrastructure, it can be incredibly difficult. Our goal is to eventually set up income generating projects to help these communities become self reliant.

Clean drinking water

With the help of donors from the USA, a well was constructed on our 12 acre property to provide clean drinking water to the surrounding communities.

Medical care

We have about 2,000 individuals that we support. They are spread out in about five villages. Each month, our doctors visit and treat the sick in all the villages.


We provide at least three meals a day to those who are sick or too old to grow their own food. We also distribute crops from out farmland to all members every harvest.


We provide tuition to our young members as needed. Many of them go to public education which, although not the best, is free. When they get to higher education which in most cases is not government subsidized, we meet that need.

Bibles and Bible Studies

Our board members visit the villages and distribute bibles as needed and hold bible studies. We also have 5 solar operated audio bibles that our members gather and listen to frequently.


Proverbs 19:17 

He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the 
LORD; and that which he hath given will he pay him again.​