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 His Grace Is Sufficient Ministries (HGISM), Inc. 

HGISM is a registered, non-profit [section 501(c)(3)] organization founded to show the love of Jesus Christ to the poor and needy of Uganda.

We do not discriminate against religion, race, ethnic background, tribe, gender, age, etc.

We provide
basic physical and spiritual needs such as: food, clothing, education, medical care, shelter, clean water, and Bibles/Bible study.    






                   HGISM GOALS

  • Provide families with clean water.
  • Provide at least two (2) meals per day for each individual.
  • Access to medical care for the sick.
  • Ensure that children are in school and have school supplies.
  • Provide at least two (2) outfits for each individual.
  • A blanket for each family member ($5.00 each).
  • Housing/shelter for each individual.
  • Provide more audio Bibles in the local language (Luganda).
  • Build a fence around HGISM's 12-acre farmland.
  • Build storehouses for the crops being grown on 8 of the acres.
  • Build latrines (outhouses) around the communities.
  • Build a medical clinic.
  • Build a school (kindergarten through high school).
  • Start a piggery and chicken project for income generation.
  • Build a grinding mill.
  • Start woodwork and tailoring workshops/schools.
                                                                        Photos from May 2010 Walk-a-thon.